Ningbo through the open area of textile enterprises to enter the stage of transnational layout


As one of the pillar industries in our region, in 2015, the total import and export of textile and garment industry in our region reached US $, accounting for 15.3% of the total import and export volume of the whole region. However, as in other parts of the country, the textile and garment enterprises in China are facing the problems of increasing domestic labor cost, increasing the price of production factors and weak global demand. October 2015, led by the United States in the Pacific Rim 11 countries reached the Pan Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (TPP) basic agreement, but also a part of the loss of overseas orders.

In order to deal with these changes, more and more domestic textile enterprises choose to go abroad to invest and build factories, and Vietnam is becoming an important destination for overseas investment enterprises.

However, going out is not easy, if blindly implemented, the risk of overseas investment may cause a fatal blow to the enterprise. For how to avoid the risk of going out, participate in the exchange of corporate representatives believe that the enterprise should be based on its own actual situation and strategic objectives, rational judgment and choice of the direction and pace of international layout. In particular, to investment in overseas M & A due diligence work, to the factors of labor supply, and cost, labor productivity potential, industrial chain matching, infrastructure, legal and political risks, local operations such as for overall consideration, comprehensive cost calculation, pay attention to play the real advantage of the investment destination.

In order to assist in textile enterprises step of "going out" the pace, a District Business Bureau relevant departments will also encourage enterprises to go to on-the-spot investigation, detailed understanding of local political, economic and cultural environment, so know ourselves. At the same time increase the contact with the local industrial park, fully grasp the industrial layout of the park, policy support, infrastructure planning, etc., for the next step to lay the foundation for the enterprise.

"We will increase insurance, financial support, CITIC joint insurance, commercial banks launched enterprise for the relevant business varieties, policy to give a certain percentage of subsidies, for enterprises to go to Vietnam to guarantee investment." District Commerce Bureau official said.