The big market encourages African Batik makers to


African domestic batik market prompted many textile producers to become batik cloth manufacturers, African batik industry within five years increased by 100%. In the clothing industry products, batik increased. At present, the African batik clothing reached the proportion of 10%.

Although the number of regional growth, batik cloth are also more intense and diverse around the establishment of a their own batik production line, has the characteristics of their respective regions. At present, all cities and counties have their own share of batik.

Textile business owners expect government sincere concern the high cost of economic pressure, so that domestic clothing manufacturer to compete with imported products, especially before Eid al Fitr. Before entering the Eid Ramadan, from South Korea, Taiwan and India, Chinese clothing imports than other month growth of 20%.

Imported clothing is dominated by children's clothing, children's clothing accounted for 80% of imported clothing, and the rest is adult clothing. Indonesia's demand for imported clothing is rising, because the price of imported products is cheaper, consistent with the purchasing power.