China's textile and garment export procurement trade growth in the first half of the first half


This year, China's textile and garment export market, the procurement of trade shows a rapid growth.

China Textile Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, 27, said that in the first half of this year, China's textile and garment exports fell 31%. From the trade, general trade exports fell 27.8%; processing trade exports fell 142%; at the same time, other trade exports grew up to about 74%, accounting for national textile and garment exports accounted for 4%, mainly in the emerging market procurement. This is the second in recent years, the rapid growth of border trade after the rapid growth of trade.

In addition, the first half of this year, China's textile and garment export monthly decline slowed. In the first half, China Textile and apparel exports in February because of the Spring Festival factors surge in exports and foreign, all the remaining five month exports fell, respectively, down 108%, 326%, 163%, 63% and 31%, three monthly decline in exports over two digit, from 5 months, starting in June, a decline of in the single digits and monthly deceleration monthly slowing.

According to the analysis, the decline in exports slowed down for two main reasons: the first is benefit to the improvement of the American market and to export the whole formed is pulling; followed by, since last year the state promulgated a series of steady growth in foreign trade policies and measures the effect appeared.

The industry is expected in the second half of this year China textile and garment exports is expected to be better than the first half of the year, but the growth rate will slow trend.
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