In 13th Five-Year the planning of the textile industry is expected to soar with the concept of SOE r


According to media reports, the "textile industry" 13th Five-Year "plan" in the process of being developed. China Textile Federation participated in the "planning" the preparation, and the establishment of waste textiles recycling and reuse system identified as the focus of the development of 45.

According to estimates, the recycling rate of waste in our country is less than 10%, idle, waste of chemical fiber and cotton fiber spent a year with a half of Daqing oilfield. If these wastes are recycled, they can reduce the emission of about 80000000 tons of carbon dioxide. "Planning" will be required to optimize the technical route of waste textiles, foster leading enterprises, the establishment of the park and industrial base.

From the basic point of view, the first half of 2015 the basic clothing consumption continued weakness in 2014, but the decline slowed, especially since April, there has been a rebound. In May 4, clothing sales growth rate over the same period last year, early signs of stabilization. From the sales point of view, 4, May clothing sales growth over the same period last year increased by 1 and 85 percentage points, picked up significantly.

Institutions pointed out that the 4 logic to grasp the industry investment opportunities:

Accelerate the transformation of vulnerable textile enterprises.

Clothing sub industry has not yet appeared a clear growth logic. Focus on leading clothing brand upgrade path: this year the biggest change is the flow to the king's demands for the service of the king, solid brand management in the clothing enterprise, will dominate the Internet fine molecular industry upgrade path, customized industrial trend gradually.

Thematic investment opportunities will run through the whole year, may be concerned about the state-owned enterprises involved in the reform of the stock.