China Textile from "manufacturing" to "design and build"


At present, the textile industry is facing great opportunities and challenges, how to promote the "big but not strong" China's textile industry as a whole has become the most important industry development. Knitting industry plays an important role in the process of textile industry, so the success of the knitting industry transformation is related to the transformation and development of the whole textile industry.

According to the analysis of industry experts, in the next five years knitting industry will strive to create intelligent equipment, high-quality supply of raw materials as the foundation, the local government guide and support the regional transfer, so as to enhance the industrial transfer factor efficiency; in the next five years, knitting industry will strive to from "the big one" into "the first strong", has a bigger improvement in the design, development and efficiency. How to "make" from "made in China" to "Chinese design + wisdom made", every part of the industry, have their own views. From the perception, to understand, to plan for the future, dare to try, implementation, Shanghai Enovo Fashion Design Co., Ltd., recently, to their own, for the industry surrendered a knitting industry on the effective integration of resources the feasibility of the scheme.

Under the background of the global economic downturn, due to the sharp drop in orders, production costs rise the profit space compression effect, textile and garment industry struggling, scarce resources of design and technology development and become the core driving force of the development of these enterprises, and the role of "intelligent manufacturing is becoming increasingly obvious. In the eyes of the general manager of Shanghai, China's wisdom made not only to integrate digital technology, intelligent technology and network technology in the field of production design, business services should also be intelligent". Therefore, in the planning stage, they will determine the scope of business in the development and production of products, brand design and planning, as well as a model buyer integration.