Africa into China textile finally "value plays"


When a lot of Chinese garment enterprises for foreign trade business affected generally, some Chinese businessmen have been planning to move their business temporarily to African countries, develop the local market at the same time, avoid the bad effect brought by the economic situation changes. Global foundry industry chain from Europe and America to the Asian Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and then through mainland China, is now gradually turned to Vietnam, Cambodia, the southeast Asian countries, and has extended to Africa. The most obvious among them, the textile and garment industry.

Africa may be the final piece of the textile and garment industry "lowland" value. All this stems from the expansion of the global apparel market increasingly saturated, and other various enterprise cost, and fuelled by the global financial crisis. "We value the African business company, near us and European markets in Africa, there are important in major cotton-producing areas, merchants are" good cooperation "." Fujian quanzhou Caroline clothing co., LTD., says Yao Qiaoe director of the foreign trade, compared with the east Asia and southeast Asia, east African countries in addition to the cheap labor force, the lower the cost of shipping to Europe or the United States clothing. In addition, the 2000 African countries signed a special trade agreement with the United States, the United States clothing into the African market is exempt from tax. With the development of the local African cotton industry, can purchase local resources to further reduce the cost.

International giant H&M, Tesco, Primark and other enterprises have begun to buy from Ethiopia, because there is no limit to the minimum salary, for unskilled workers, monthly salary is only $35 to 40, obviously is much lower than the Burmese. These foreign clothes are very popular in African countries, they also benefit a lot because of the abundant cheap Labour and energy. Kenya's clothing industry is also developing, although the country's roughly $120 a month, but the government in order to attract a wide range of rewards those foreign.

The main participants in the world textile clothing market and the importance of cotton market customers, mainly from Asia, including China. Textile clothing industry is one of Africa's major pillar industries, southeast Africa in Africa has the most dynamic of the textile industry, and is important in major cotton-producing areas, in recent years attracts a lot of money more Yao Qiaoe said: "Chinese enterprises to Africa southeast countries has brought the advanced technology and management mode, to boost local production processes; and try to large-scale garment production process, realize the apparel industry and its related supporting industries transfer to southeast Africa as a whole."