The future focus of the textile industry will be the jacquard fabric.


Jacquard fabric is a kind of cotton fabric or chemical fiber blended fabric with jacquard pattern. White fabric and yarn dyed points. White woven fabric and yarn dyed fabric must be approved by the Department of scouring and bleaching or dyeing. A variety of characteristics of jacquard cloth can be used for different purposes. As many as usually jacquard cloth sheets, tablecloths, curtains and other interior decoration; jacquard poplin, jacquard yarn,Jacquard line is used to dress up. Jacquard fabric design and small jacquard pattern (or small jacquard) two:

Jacquard pattern has flowers, dragon and Phoenix, animals, mountains and people in fabric full width in a single flower, 2 spend, spend four or more identical markings, acceptance of jacquard weaving machine, number of cycles of warp from hundreds of root to more than 1000. Small speckle patterns for the idea of a flower or small number of patterns, with 24 to 16 pages of multi arm loom weaving, due to By using comprehensive bounding box pages, woven stripes are more modest. The weaving principle is divided into three categories: weft knitted jacquard warp knitted fabric, jacquard fabric, jacquard woven cloth. From raw material is divided into two categories: main materials to cotton jacquard cloth, mainly to filament material jacquard cloth.

Jacquard fabric is ordinary ribbon of the upgrading of building materials, in line with the prevailing in the "green environmental protection, beautiful future" theme of the era. Should be said that the ribbon students to build manufacturers want in on the market in the future occupy automatic factors must be in jacquard with the above practical structure. Should be scientific, subjective recognition of the beauty of jacquardEnvironmental protection: pattern delicate, clear lines, environmental protection, not fade.

Jacquard fabric texture soft, delicate, smooth and unique texture, light, good, and good air permeability, high color fastness (yarn dyeing). The pattern of large jacquard fabric is large and delicate, and the color is clear.

Jacquard cloth and now there are still shortcomings of single and double, thickness and the weft needle, but probably after the yarn to walk. However, the thickness will increase, otherwise weft needle binding is relatively large, like absolute weft needle is good or bad is often difficult, in this case is especially large market prospect.